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Care for one Fight for Israel

Israeli Paratroopers Special Forces


Israel is currently in a state of emergency, and the soldiers of the Orev Tzanhanim unit, both regular and reservists, are fighting on all fronts.

We are the Orev Tzanhanim Association, launching project ONE MORE FIGHTER. Through this initiative, every individual can help.

We are working to support the families of our soldiers so they can focus on their duty, and to provide critical life-saving equipment for the soldiers, such as bulletproof vests, helmets, hydration packs, tactical flashlights, and more.

Therefore, we turn to you to request donations and support. We ask for your assistance in raising immediate funds for this purpose and in helping with the special operations of the unit’s association.

The Orev Tzanhanim unit is one of the three special units leading the  Israeli Paratroopers. The unit specializes in tactical combat and is a trained assault forces for wide-scale warfare situations.

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The Orev Tzanhanim Family Association is a non-profit organization, recognized and registered under Section 46, operating on a voluntary basis.​

Association Number 580316842

Address: 8 Hashaked Street, Motza Illit

Association Phone Number:‭ 050-3296524

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